The ladies you love . . . and the ladies who love each other . . . come from the worlds of publishing, big business, journalism, and more – where they earn their livings by using their brains, their hands, or sometimes their naked bodies.

In Book Two, couples re-arrange with other partners, singles search, and they all try to figure out whether sex really is that important, whether their relationships really are secure, whether friendship can indeed become love . . . or whether ex-lovers can really be friends.

Rick, Carolin, Anna, Rebekka, Marlene, Anita, Sabrina, Chris and all the rest converge at Melly’s Sappho Café in the midst of their lives of pleasure and pain, laughter, lightheartedness, luck, and lust – but mostly, “L – as in Love”!

These two books are a brilliant start to a promising new series. Book one doesn’t quite conclude, therefore it is essential to have book two ready to read. I am really looking forward to reading further books in this lovely series. I feel that I know these characters personally, I got totally lost in the story and both books had ended before I knew it. I’m really looking forward to book three in this series. It’s a real pleasure to read of the ups and downs of every day life with the surprises that crop up for these friends along the way.

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