The Sappho Café treats its women extremely well. Now, if life would only do the same.

Rebekka and Carolin have achieved happy coupledom . . . almost. Marlene is still making money banging around in porn flicks – which sometimes lets her forget that she’d rather be driving her truck. Sabrina and Chris, who always appeared to be the dream couple, seem to be trying to work out their problems. Thea continues to break hearts – sometimes a man’s, sometimes a woman’s, sometimes, her own. Melly’s friends are surprised when her secret past catches up with her . . . And Melly’s sister Silvia experiences, in the hardest way, that fate can be cruel.
Ultimately, though, there’s plenty of love to go around, and in L as in Love: Book Three, the lucky professors and pupils who encounter each other outside of class realize that their deepest interests can be mutual beyond the halls of academe, as well.

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