Ruth Gogoll’s Christmas Carol is a new twist on an old classic. Christmas is coming and good­will and merriment fill the town. It’s not the best of times for everyone however . . .

Company president Michaela Wittling is all work and no play and Christmas is just another day. What’s all the fuss about? The lights are a waste of electricity. They all expect time off and bonuses. Humbug!

Faithful employee Ramona Benckhoff is all worry and no play. Will I keep my job? Will the boss find out I sometimes cut my hours short to go to the hospital? And, the most frightening question of them all . . . Will my daughter live to see the New Year?

Michaela thinks she has it all figured out. Ramona believes she has no hope and nothing figured out.

One very strange night changes everything.

Michaela’s character was great as a female Scrooge. I hoped right from the outset that her character would follow the traditional story and become a nicer person. But did she? You will have to read the book to find out. I loved Ramona’s character too. She is so full of love and hope, she never gives in. Each of the other characters plays a vital role in the story to bring it all together. The book is very well written.
In my opinion this book would make an wonderful film. It was originally written in German and the translation is excellent. If you only buy one Christmas book, make it this one.

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It is not giving too much away to say that a redeemed Michaela makes amends for her cold-heartedness, most notably with regards to Ramona. This “Stave 5 — The End of It”, in which Dickens rather briefly sums up the changes in Scrooge’s soul, takes up about half of Ms. Gogoll’s novel. It turns into a beautiful lesbian romance and comes to its conclusion on Christmas the following year. No spoilers will be given about this part, though.

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